What is ECOTIS

ECOWAS Trade Information System (ECOTIS) is a centralized portal developed by the ECOWAS Commission to provide easily accessible, timely and relevant trade related information and intelligence for informed business decisions, policy formulation and academic research.

With the globalization of world markets and development of value chains, trade information and data analysis is increasingly important in understanding the dynamics of world trade. Although a number of sources of trade related information exist in the region, these remain fragmented and often under-utilized due to limited visibility.

The ECOTIS leverages on existing information systems within the region in order to provide a unique point of entry to support the promotion of intra-regional/continental and global trade. Furthermore, the system provides access to a number of trade intelligence tools which can be used to stay ahead of new and emerging trends and demands, enabling enterprises to capitalize upon market opportunities.

ECOTIS is structured into the following key areas:

  • Trade Agreements
  • Trade Policy
  • Trade Statistics
  • Trade Promotion
  • Trade Capacity Building
  • Resources

As the trade landscape evolves, ECOTIS will continue improve access to timely and relevant trade related information and intelligence.